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Former 32 Yrs Old Chelsea Legend, Eden Hazard SAD NEWS Has been announced this Afternoon

Eden Hazard has witnessed and experienced it all during his amazing career. He has already reached the twilight of his career at 32 years old, and the end may be quicker than anyone thought.

Hazard implies that he’s about to hang up his boots during a preview of the “Believe” documentary, which will be released soon and focuses on the Belgium national team.

“Little by little, it’s time to enjoy life with my family and friends, while drinking a few Jupiler beers.”

Hazard is now a free agent, with the only recent rumor about his next destination being a return to Chelsea. But, if Hazard’s words are any indication, he may be ready to ride off into the sunset.

He does say that the time will come “little by little,” but the European season, as well as most other leagues across the world, has already beginning.

Disappointment in Madrid, praise everywhere else

Hazard appeared in only 10 games across all competitions in his final season at Real Madrid before his contract was terminated in June. In four seasons at Real Madrid, he only scored seven goals.

Hazard resigned from international football after Belgium’s poor group stage defeat in Qatar.

If this is the end of Hazard’s career, he will be remembered as one of the most gifted wingers the game has seen in recent years, as well as one of the finest Belgian players ever. He won numerous individual and team trophies and made an everlasting impression on Lille and Chelsea’s histories.

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