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“He needs to improve his gameplay and Start performing in training in other to be selected in the first XI or he will keep warming the Bench- Chelsea Manager Pochettino issues warning message to Chelsea FLOP player

The Blues are still losing games despite their attempts to turn things around in the Bohley-Clearlake era.


Mauricio Pochettino has defended Chelsea’s goals this season by issuing a warning to Mykhailo Mudric regarding his first-team appearances.


Chelsea has 31 points after 22 games, good for 10th place in the Premier League. Graham Potter was at the same level at the same point in the previous season.


On Sunday afternoon, Argentina will be looking to defeat Wolves. Furthermore, Mudrick’s rating has fallen dramatically since he paid £88.5 million to join Chelsea.


When asked why the Ukrainian isn’t getting more play, Pochettino responded, “He started in the semi-final, one of the most important games for us, against Middlesbrough.”


Yes, I’m currently lounging on the couch. Look, form is crucial all season long. as long as you perform each exercise well and with proper form.


Our coaching team operates on a meritocratic basis. On the pitch, the players we play with give it their all.He is a young man, I believe, who arrived a year ago.


The circumstances behind [the move] are known to us. It has to be improved, of course.


Although it’s a team game rather than tennis, it has a lot of potential and quality.Some players in our group are required to play.


Although they have to adjust and play for the team, they appear fantastic. They must adjust, and it will require time.


The Chelsea manager also gave an explanation for why he feels his team is not the same as the one from the previous season, which had a lot of new players.


“Last season, we weren’t here.” He stated. Fifteen to sixteen players have changed from the previous campaign. How am I supposed to compare?


“This cup and other cups are entirely different from one another. How are you able to compare?


Pointing to two separate water bottles on the table, Pochettino stated. “You can compare if your trophies are the same, but the previous season was unique.”


Enough [other players] exist. Two Champions League-winning goalkeepers were our starting lineup.


We have two young goalkeepers from different teams this season, one of whom hasn’t played, in Kepa and [Edouard] Mendy.


In recent months, both Brighton and the MLS have experienced it. “The problem can only be explained by you, an outsider.


I’m not going to compare this season to last one, please. Does that imply that things were different last season or that we are not where we are now?


Do you mean the players from three years ago who were the League Champions?Regarding the impediment preventing this costly squad from progressing, he went on:



“This money cannot be used as an excuse anymore.”As we prepare to construct a club for the future, we will naturally make investments in players who we think will perform at the calibre we anticipate in the upcoming years.


We now need to put everything into perspective and put it all together. Building a team is not a magical process.


“You have to start from scratch when assembling a team of sixteen or seventeen new players since it’s simple to justify spending money or having a strong reputation.


“After seven months, is Nkunku performing the way we want? Why? since we are unable of managing our players? [No] Depending on the circumstances, I may be rather composed and easygoing.


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