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Enzo Fernandez involved in heated confrontation with Liverpool Fan After the Carabao Final

At Wembley, a Chelsea teammate escorted Enzo Fernandez out after he was made fun of by a Liverpool supporter.

Enzo Fernandez, a midfielder for Chelsea, has struggled since he joined the team a year ago.

When the London team paid Benfica about Β£107 million for the Argentine in 2023, they smashed the British transfer record, but he hasn’t lived up to the hype.

Along with Chelsea’s supporters, Fernandez was expecting to add some flair to an otherwise lacklustre season going into Sunday’s Carabao Cup final.


But Liverpool had other ideas. Virgil van Dijk’s header in the 118th minute gave Jurgen Klopp’s team the title, leaving Chelsea to lament a lost chance.

The last thing Chelsea’s sad players needed was to be ruthlessly ridiculed when they went to pick up their runners-up medals after they had fallen to their knees at full time.

But when Mauricio Pochettino and his player ascended the stairs to the renowned Wembley balcony, that is precisely what transpired.

Social media footage has surfaced of a Liverpool supporter making fun of Fernandez before the player responds.

“Enzo, unlucky lad,” the fan said as Fernandez lumbered up the steps behind Mykhailo Mudryk, then burst out laughing.

After pausing for a little while to look at his harasser, Enzo was led by a teammate up the stairs and away from the possible hot spot.

The guy laughed heartily during the entire affair and kept on laughing until the World Cup winner left.

Chelsea has previously been made fun of for falling short against a young Liverpool team.

With an unfortunate post on X, several fans claimed that Manchester City was making fun of Cole Palmer, their former star.

With his Instagram post following the game, Liverpool rookie Conor Bradley clearly sent a message to Chelsea full-back Ben Chilwell.

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