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Mason Greenwood is willing to reject Multi-million dollar offer from European giant this summer if he gets a second chance at Manchester United

According to a source, Mason Greenwood is keen to stay at Manchester United for as long as feasible.

According to The Sun, Greenwood intends to return to Old Trafford if the team is open to having him there because he believes he owes them a “debt.”

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The 22-year-old is now on loan at Getafe as a result of inquiries into his personal life conducted by the club and the police.

Man Utd determined that Greenwood should not be representing them even though the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) dropped proceedings against the forward when a crucial witness withdrew.

He would, however, decline the chance to join with Barcelona in order to have another chance at United, where the opposition fans would undoubtedly make him feel uncomfortable.

Mason respected Manchester United’s decision to transfer him to Spain, but he always desired to rejoin the team after the police investigation into him concluded, an unnamed source told the Sun.

“He would want a second opportunity and feels he owes the manager and the fans something.

If there was an opportunity for him to return, he would, as Manchester United is the greatest and largest club in the world.
– Unidentified source on Mason Greenwood (The Sun) “He believes that Manchester United is the greatest club in the world, and he would return if given the opportunity.”

“A lot of teams are interested in signing him, including Barcelona.

“However, he would take the quickest flight home if United offered him a chance to salvage his career at Old Trafford.”

There have been rumours that United might change their mind after netting seven goals in 24 games for Getafe.

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