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“He was the reason we lost against Newcastle, he completed only 2 passes and Had less touches than the goal keeper- Thiago Silva sends clear Chelsea message to CHELSEA FLOP after Pochettino reveals who to ‘blame

Following his dismissal during Saturday’s 4-1 loss to Newcastle, Chelsea captain Reece James has received encouraging comments from his teammates. Following the dismissal of fellow right-back Malo Gusto in an Aston Villa match earlier this year, this is the Blues’ second red card of the season.

Mauricio Pochettino called the outcome and performance the worst since he joined the team, even though the team also lost to West Ham and failed to defeat Brentford and Nottingham Forest at home. It has also halted Chelsea’s momentum after they managed to pick up four points and score eight goals in their final two games before the international break.

Lewis Miley, 17, made his Newcastle debut. The team has been dealing with injuries to several players, including Miguel Almiron, Fabian Schar, and Alexander Isak. That didn’t deter them, though, as Pochettino was furious after the game due to a self-inflicted collapse.

Following the event, he declared, “We were never connected with the game.” “Even when we scored, it was a moment to go but the team was never with the right energy to go and compete.” “Both disappointed and angry,” the Argentinean continued. When we perform like way, it’s natural to feel responsible for it and we should hold ourselves accountable.

“It was an easy win, even though Newcastle wasn’t very good. To come here, Chelsea, and demonstrate that it would be challenging for them to play in order to defeat us. The way we gave in was so simple. We did not demonstrate that we were competing for a significant goal because of how weak we were in every obstacle.”

Following a significant amount of online criticism and dissatisfaction from the departing fans, James resorted to social media to issue an apology. He received two yellow cards in the second half; the first was for dissent and indicated a completely unruly performance on the part of the side.

I fully accept responsibility for my two careless errors that earned me a red card today,” he posted on Instagram. “One more thing I need to learn. I want to express my regret to my teammates and the fans. Although we didn’t perform up to par today, this game does not define who we are! This season, we’ve improved greatly against a lot of elite teams. Next weekend, we’ll be back.”

After a slow start, Chelsea battled to stay in the match, and Raheem Sterling’s incredible free kick in response to Isak’s opening goal gave them the lead. They could have led at the half after a thrilling first half, but Conor Gallagher and Enzo Fernandez both squandered excellent opportunities. But in the second half, they were forced to pay for it by collapsing.

As Pochettino himself acknowledged, two goals in two minutes were the result of a combination of blunders and immaturity, leaving a mountain to climb in an adversarial environment. With less than 20 minutes remaining, James made that unbeatable. The Blues captain, who had gone undefeated from the beginning, was making his third consecutive league start.

James gave a really good performance up to that point, but his brief loss of consciousness summed up a completely boring afternoon in the northeast. Previously, when he became irritated with Newcastle assistant coach Jason Tindall on the sidelines, he was on the edge of losing it.

After a bizarre altercation in which the 23-year-old dallying on a free-kick and passing it right to a shirt with black and white stripes, Silva had to restrain the player. After the game, Silva took to social media to express how his error had destroyed any hope of a comeback.

America for a little vacation and expressed regret to the supporters.

“I am inconsolable,” he wrote. “We didn’t have a good day. I want to apologise to everyone for the loss, especially to my colleagues who have daily faith in me and encouragement. I accept full accountability. Together, let’s muster our courage and return stronger [blue heart, prayer emoji].”

When Silva questioned Pochettino about the inaccuracy, he responded, “That is a mistake, I am not talking about mistakes.” I’m talking more about energy here; we weren’t in the best position to compete today because we weren’t prepared. That worries me. Although we believed we were prepared to compete today, we weren’t in the manner that the competition required.”

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