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I tried everything I could to persuade him to join Barcelona, but it appears His mind is made up already’: Lionel Messi confirmed His £120 million International Teammate has turned down the Barcelona offer to join Manchester City in January

With a response from defence central, Manchester City is set to surpass Real Madrid in the competition to sign 17-year-old Argentine star Claudio Everrri.

Both Manchester City and Real Madrid have expressed a strong desire to have Claudio Everri in their teams, according to Defensa Central. The 17-year-old has lately become well-known, and major European brands are known to go above and above to hire him.

A few months ago, Eceverri advanced through the ranks of River Plate and was promoted to the first team. She has now made four appearances for the senior team and consistently puts up excellent performances for the Argentine Under-17 squad.

With Real Madrid keeping a close eye on the 17-year-old for a lengthy amount of time, the astonishing ascent of Edenbridge captured attention. In order to secure exceptional talent for Madrid, Los Blancos have expanded their scouting network throughout South America, with chief scout Juni Calafat playing a significant role.

Transfer agent Fabrizio Romano revealed lately that the Argentine wonderkid is being watched by other teams in Europe.

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