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Reece James will become the most HATED player after he’s set to complete shock transfer to European Rivals

According to Spanish media, Real Madrid has devised a strategy to capture Reece James from Chelsea in two years.

According to AS, the 35-time La Liga champions have determined that they are willing to wait in order to bring in the right-back they want in the future.

It is not the first time the famed Madrid club has been associated with recruiting James, but the last time was more than a year after he had just signed a large contract with the club.

He pledged his long-term future to Stamford Bridge, and nothing has happened to make him reconsider that decision.

His new contract will pay him a handsome £250,000 per week, which will undoubtedly influence any decision he makes.

In 2025, Real Madrid wants James.
If anything, after being named the club’s new captain before the season began, he will be even more dedicated to the cause.

Mauricio Pochettino chose the 23-year-old over veteran Thiago Silva, who was also considered, to lead his team into the future.

With James’ extraordinary ability, it’s not unexpected that he’s being pursued by one of the world’s best clubs.

It should be noted that any sale of the Englishman will be recorded as pure profit on the books, and the new owners have not been reluctant to make bold decisions on academy graduates.

They weren’t scared to tell Mason Mount how much they thought he was worth, and that scenario resulted in him playing for Manchester United.

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