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‘Pep Guardiola chased me out of the Club and Loaned me out’-19-year-old admits he is now much happier after leaving Manchester City this summer

Mikki van Sas has been talking about how he got started at Feyenoord after leaving Manchester City on the last day for transfers.

The 19-year-old decided to leave on Friday, September 1. He had been at the Etihad Stadium for three years but had never played for the first team.

So, what does Mikki van Sas have to say about leaving Manchester City? Let’s look at it.

Well, it looks like the Dutch Under-19 player is very happy with his choice.

Van Sas was described by Feyenoord Pings as saying, “With the Under-18 and Under-21 teams, I won three championships.” I played two games a week and practised every day with the best players my age.

“I also trained with the first team sometimes, and Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland both shot at me. Every year I’ve gotten better. How could I have lost?

“I’m very glad to be at Feyenoord now. I like things better and have more fun when they are hard. I’m sure I can get much better and become the best goalie here.”

It’s nice to see that Mikki van Sas is having fun after leaving Manchester City.
We’re glad that it looks like Van Sas’s life is going well.

The teenager must have been disappointed that he played 16 games for Manchester City’s Under-18 team, eight games for the Under-19 team, and 30 games for the Under-21 team, but never got a chance to play for the adult team.

Even so, it was always going to be hard for him because Ederson and Stefan Ortega were ahead of him in Pep Guardiola’s plan for the team.

mikki van sas for Man City
Getty Images has a picture by Matt McNulty of Manchester City/Manchester City FC.
Still, Van Sas seems to have a great attitude for a young custodian trying to make a name for himself in professional football, which is good news for his chances of getting a chance.

The custodian from Utrecht should get a chance at Feyenoord, if all goes well.

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