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Referee removed from Premier League game after VAR mistake that cost Liverpool

After a VAR error that cost Liverpool, referee Darren England was pulled from the Premier League game.

Due to his “significant” mistake during Liverpool’s loss to Tottenham, Darren England has been let go from his position.

During the Reds’ 2-1 loss in north London on Saturday, Luis Diaz was incorrectly flagged for offside, costing them a straightforward goal.

Liverpool was denied a clear goal because Diaz was ruled to be offside.

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Liverpool was denied a clear goal because Diaz was ruled to be offside.
In charge of VAR for Spurs’ home game against Liverpool was an English referee.
appointment of Getty 5 England was given the VAR assignment for Spurs’ at-home game against Liverpool.
For the following two Premier League contests, he will be a replacement.

For the following two Premier League contests, he will be a replacement.
According to the Professional Game Match Officials Limited [PGMOL], “significant human error” caused the first-half strike to be disallowed.

It is already known that England, who was assigned to VAR for the game, will not participate in the encounter between Brentford and Nottingham Forest.

Additionally dropped from Chelsea’s Monday night trip to Fulham is Dan Cook, his assistant.

According to a statement from the PGMOL, “PGMOL can confirm the following match official appointment changes for the remaining fixtures in matchround seven in the Premier League.”

“Darren England, the VAR for Tottenham Hotspur vs. Liverpool, and Dan Cook, the AVAR for the same match, have been removed from their respective assignments for today’s game between Nottingham Forest and Brentford and tomorrow night’s match between Fulham and Chelsea.

Eddie Smart will assume Cook’s role as Craven Cottage’s assistant referee going forward, and Craig Pawson will take Cook’s place as England’s fourth official at City Ground.

It has been revealed that England was mistaken in thinking that Simon Hooper, the on-field referee, had correctly awarded Diaz’s goal, and that VAR was simply necessary to confirm the validity of the call.

Taking this for granted, England immediately checked to make sure Diaz was in before ordering the on-field team to “check complete.”

Diaz appeared to be on board when the lines were drawn.

Diaz was plainly on the same team when the battle lines were formed. But Hooper saw this as a sign that Diaz was offside, and England complied with the linesman’s request to hoist his flag.

And it ended up being crucial because Curtis Jones was also dismissed after Liverpool’s loss to Heung-min Son’s goal in the first half.

Cody Gakpo did manage to tie the game just before the break. The Reds eventually had nine men due to Diogo Jota’s rapid-fire accumulation of two yellow cards.

In the sixth minute of added time, Joel Matip scored an own goal, making an already dire situation for the Merseyside team much worse.

When asked about the PGMOL’s statement on Saturday, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said, “Wolves got a similar statement or apology, but didn’t get the points against [Manchester] United.”

The fact that we won’t benefit from it today doesn’t help.

“I’m fairly certain that nobody makes poor decisions on purpose, but it still occurs and I have no idea why. To make the best decisions, we must all collaborate.

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