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Ex-Chelsea man claims Pochettino could get sacked before Christmas: ‘Great coaches died there and his replacement has been named

Former Chelsea player says Pochettino might be fired before Christmas: There, “great coaches died,”

Mauricio Pochettino may lose his job this year, according to former Chelsea player and assistant manager Boudewijn Zenden, who played for the club from 2001 to 2004.

The Dutchman is upbeat about Poch, but he says that Chelsea’s practice of firing managers right away if they don’t perform well continues.

As stated by Teamtalk, Zenden added, “It’s not easy for Pochettino.” “I have experience working with him because I was a player and [assistant] manager at Chelsea.

There have been several notable coaches who have passed away there. In his situation, I don’t anticipate it happening any time soon.

“With new owners and an entirely new team, the club has undergone an extraordinary shift. It makes sense that it would take time.

However, they have spent a tremendous amount of money over the course of the last four transfer windows. If you carry that thinking with you to the game, you observe it in agony.

Boehly and Eghbali won’t fire Poch; it’s not a matter of faith

“Chelsea isn’t the dominant player you’d expect. Naturally, this is also a result of the numerous injuries. With the challenging timetable they still have, that scares me.

If Chelsea doesn’t earn enough points by Boxing Day, everyone at the club will find themselves in a very perilous situation.

“I would hesitate to predict that Pochettino will survive Christmas.

“I believe he is a fantastic coach, but it takes time to assemble a brand-new club. It takes longer to create such automatisms because he cannot play with a set eleven.

“I seriously doubt he’ll have the opportunity. However, let’s not be overly negative and believe that, as seen by the most recent results, things are gradually heading in the right direction.

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