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Fans are all saying the same thing after Scott McTominay’s goal ruled out by VAR After a four-minute VAR review, Scott McTominay’s strike for Man Utd is ruled out for offside

In the match between Manchester United and Fulham, VAR generated controversy by ruling out a goal scored by United in the first half. United believed they had taken the lead when a free-kick was delivered to the far post for Alejandro Garnacho, who redirected the ball into the path of Scott McTominay to finish emphatically from close range. However, after a lengthy VAR review, the goal was disallowed. The decision was based on the belief that Harry Maguire, who did not touch the ball, interfered with play from an offside position.

Referee John Brooks went to the monitor and made the decision to disallow the goal for offside. This ruling has prompted discussions about whether VAR should be intervening in cases of ‘subjective offsides.’

Many fans and pundits expressed their astonishment at the decision. Some questioned their understanding of football rules, while others believed that Manchester United had the right to be frustrated with the decision. The decision to disallow the goal was considered tenuous by some, and there were calls for a reevaluation of VAR’s role in the game.

One fan expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision and the performance of VAR this season. Another commenter mentioned the farcical nature of VAR calls and non-calls against Manchester United. There was a consensus that VAR was being used to rule out United’s goals in situations that were not the intended purpose of VAR’s introduction.

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