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Totheham Huspor Manager Ange Postecoglou breaks silence over a VAR chaotic night defeat to Chelsea with a strong warning to Pochettino

Ange Postecoglou expressed his concerns about football’s issues with VAR, attributing them to being “self-inflicted.”

Following a weekend filled with controversial decisions and Premier League drama, including Mikel Arteta’s criticism of “embarrassing” calls in Arsenal’s game against Newcastle, officiating and VAR once again took center stage as Tottenham lost 4-1 to Chelsea.

The match featured numerous disallowed goals, three red card checks that didn’t result in dismissals, and one red card for Cristian Romero, who fouled a Chelsea player and gave them a penalty.

The game witnessed lengthy delays and added time, with 12 minutes tacked on at the end of the first half and an additional nine minutes in the second.

Postecoglou expressed his dissatisfaction with the excessive waiting time during these decisions but suggested that it has come about due to the constant criticism of officials.

He stated, “I don’t like it, it is the way the game is going.” He also noted that part of the problem is “self-inflicted” because complaints about decisions every week lead to excessive scrutiny.

The manager believes that more changes are coming, possibly including referees being mic’d up, much like in other sports.

Postecoglou emphasized the need for people to accept the referee’s decisions and cautioned against the ongoing erosion of the referee’s authority, which is shifting control to someone with a TV screen miles away.

Despite the controversies and challenges, he recognized that these issues are part of the game and have been for many years.

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