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Pep Guardiola has finally makes defiant promise to Manchester City even if they get RELEGATED to League One

Man City receives a bold pledge from Pep Guardiola, even in the event that they are RELEGATED to League One.

A rebellious Relegation to League One is more likely to keep Pep Guardiola at Manchester City than a repeat Champions League victory.

If proven guilty of the 115 allegations against them for breaking the Premier League’s financial fair play regulations, City might receive a punishment never seen before.

In light of the accusations made against the Treble winners, Guardiola reaffirmed his allegiance to City and handed Everton a record-setting 10 points for violating financial fair play regulations. In response to inquiries concerning the allegations against City, Guardiola stated: “We’ll come here and explain it after the sentence has been served. Wait and see.”

“Being in League One gives us a better chance of staying than winning the Champions League.

“I won’t say anything about Everton; I know it’s a totally different case, even though I don’t know the truth of what actually transpired. Okay, City, you may go to the conference, others are saying, but hold on. What is destined to occur will occur.

“You read it, and obviously, we should be demoted, but no one is aware of that. Nobody who says that knows the specifics of what transpired. It’s not all read by me.

But hold on. I had stated a month ago that we will face consequences for any wrongdoing. When everything is finished, I’ll be here.”

Guardiola responded, “It’s a good question,” when asked if he thought the Premier League was under more pressure to punish City following the record points punishment given to Everton. As soon as I have the sentence, I will respond.

“You ask questions as though we’ve received punishment. And until our guilt is established, we remain innocent at this moment. I am aware that many desire it. I sense it, I know it. I’ll hold off.

“The reasons why Man City is there and why Everton was docked ten points are explained in writing. There are two distinct cases. It isn’t equivalent. To be honest. My people told me it’s totally different when we chatted.

“All right, so the second one has 115 breaches, which makes it longer and more complex. Thus, hold off. I shall then speak in front of you and you can ask me questions after the solicitors for both parties submit their cases to the court and the verdict.

Erling Haaland, who had an ankle injury after his early return from international duty, practised with City yesterday and should be ready to play against Liverpool tomorrow.

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