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VIDEO Darwin Nunez and Pep Guardiola were separated by Jurgen Klopp after going at each other-what a disrespectful Player Liverpool have

Darwin Nunez and Pep Guardiola clashed after Manchester City and Liverpool drew 1-1 on Saturday.

The brawl began after the final whistle at the Etihad Stadium. After something was said, Jurgen Klopp needed to draw Nunez away from Guardiola. It’s unclear what sparked the heated confrontation between the City manager and the Uruguay international.

“I think Jurgen Klopp has done Pep Guardiola a favour there,” former England midfielder Izzy Christiansen said after seeing the spat. “I think that is frustration from Guardiola and fundamentally Liverpool are very happy with a point here.”

After Erling Haaland scored midway through the first half, City appeared to be on the approach of winning the game that Nunez had started. Nonetheless, the European champions were startled late on when Trent Alexander-Arnold found the bottom corner of Ederson’s net.

More information concerning Nunez and Guardiola’s spat is anticipated to emerge throughout Saturday. Guardiola approached Nunez to shake his hand and was all smiles. However, the situation soured when something was said between the two.

Nunez began pointing at the Spaniard as Klopp drew him away from the action. Before Nunez went away, other coaches and players got involved. “There appear to be some unpleasant words being exchanged,” Peter Drury stated on commentary.

“Darwin Nunez had a heated exchange with Pep Guardiola. They needed to be apart. Pep Guardiola is attempting to justify that discussion.”

Nunez didn’t appear to be bothered by the incident as he approached the Liverpool fans to thank them for their support. The former Benfica striker grinned and nodded to the Liverpool fans as he pointed to the Liverpool badge on his breast.

After Saturday’s game, Klopp said he was satisfied with a point. “We could have won if we had played really well,” he remarked. This is a really difficult place to visit, and it is no accident that they have won I don’t know how many games in a row at home (23 in the league).

They make an excellent team. We promptly created (chances) when we had our football moments. Did we do it frequently enough? No. Can we improve our game? Definitely. We shall do so. But, for the time being, this was a crucial experience for the group.

“It’s been a difficult week for the boys, and coming here to play a game against a team that really makes you suffer isn’t cool.” It’s difficult to stay in the game, but we had our moments, which I really appreciate. It’s a good point, and I agree completely.”

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