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“He is the most irritating player to watch the way he handles the ball very slow irritate me watching him- Pundit says he can’t stand watching 28-year-old Man City player these days

Michael Bridges has said that every time he watches Jack Grealish play for Manchester City, he gets irritated.

The pundit expressed his frustrations on The Optus Sport Football Podcast, explaining why it must be difficult for a striker to play next to Grealish.

Strangely, Pep Guardiola claimed that the 28-year-old has been playing quite well lately.

Watching Jack Grealish, according to Michael Bridges, “irritates the hell” out of him.
Numerous people have noted the differences between the two wingers when Jeremy Doku moved into the Etihad Stadium this past summer.

Doku is practically the exact opposite of Grealish in that he is one of the most lethal dribblers in Europe this season, even if Grealish keeps the ball better than most.

Now, Michael Bridges has revealed why it irritates him to see Jack Grealish, the attacker for Manchester City, these days.

BSC Young Boys vs. Manchester City in Group G of the UEFA Champions League 2023–2024
On The Optus Sport Football Podcast, Bridges stated, “I’m not going to take anything away from Grealish but Jack Grealish irritates the hell out of me these days because all he ever seems to do is go back and give the ball back to the left-back.”

“I can picture myself as a striker in the box,” he continued.Will he actually cross it, I wonder? He’s going to switch back to left-back, oh no. Will he step over it? No, he will approach Rodri. With Doku, you can be sure that he will set you up for success and take on defenders left and right. You only need to be prepared for when the opportunity to enter the box arises.

All Jack Grealish does is choose his moments.
In the end, Michael Bridges might not have realised Jack Grealish’s significance to this Manchester City team when observing him.

Particularly in the previous campaign, it appeared that Bernardo Silva and Grealish, two wingers, were expected to handle all aspects of defence, including control and technical security.

The aggressive midfield duo of Ilkay Gundogan and Kevin De Bruyne was responsible for taking chances and being direct.

However, it appears that Jeremy Doku has been given permission to oversee all aspects of the Sky Blues’ offensive strategy this campaign.

Consequently, Jack Grealish is selective about when he drifts inside and adopts a more aggressive stance moving forward.

The Englishman’s outstanding performance in the October Manchester Derby at Old Trafford is the ideal illustration of how effectively he has adjusted to the needs of both the individuals and the system.

Grealish would appear to be the most important attacker on the pitch if he were allowed to wreak the devastation that Doku does, at least to some level.

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