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VERY SAD NEWS AS Chelsea Star has been Suspended from entering the dressing Room and won’t play the match against Brighton this weekend

A suspended Chelsea star could make a big difference in the world-class category
A suspended Chelsea star could make a big difference in the world-class category

Give Me Sport talked to sports writer Paul Brown about Chelsea captain Reece James. We’re happy to say that he agrees with us that the right back can be very good if he can just stay healthy for a year.

He had a tough game against Newcastle, but he’s been great in the games since he got back to full health. Mauricio Pochettino seems set on taking very good care of him. The fact that James has made it through another game without getting hurt makes us happy when Malo Gusto comes on.

Brown thought about the full back’s red card against Newcastle and the rest of his season:

“If you get sent off during a game, you’re letting your team down because they’ll be down to ten men for the rest of it.” But James is a great player for Chelsea, so I won’t say too many bad things about him. I think he’s a very important member of that team. He’s been hurt a lot over the last couple of seasons, so losing him to ban is a blow. “But I still think he’ll come back and be one of their best players this season, and there’s no reason to doubt that,” Brown said.

“I’m sure he’s mad and will be kicking himself. But James is truly world-class, and I believe Chelsea will depend on him a great deal this season. Then he’ll be back and doing a very important job for them in the next few months, as long as his head is clear, his form gets better, and he doesn’t get hurt.

He doesn’t seem to need to worry about his head being in the right place. He doesn’t seem to get distracted easily, and no one has ever questioned how hard he works or how he acts. His body is the only thing that has been holding him back.

He made a big mistake when he got sent off against Newcastle, but he has the whole season to make up for it if he can stay healthy.

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