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“We won’t pay a Dime to FA football for opposing the referee Decision, he blew the whistle and…… ‘We behaved incredibly’: Pep Guardiola responds to FA charge for Man City

“We performed admirably,” Pep Guardiola said in response to the FA’s criticism of Man City.

Pep Guardiola played down worries over his players’ response following Manchester City’s draw with Tottenham.

When Erling Haaland chipped the ball over the top for Jack Grealish, who was attempting to score a late winner, the referee mysteriously blew his whistle in the closing minutes of their encounter, infuriating the group. Leading the protests against the ruling, Haaland persisted off the ground and responded with ‘Wtf’ posts on social media.

Although Haaland has not received any specific punishment, City has been cited by the FA for failing to control its players over the event and could risk a significant fine. The club has until December 7 to reply. After the game, Guardiola stated that his squad needed to examine themselves and refused to place the responsibility on the referee. Several players agreed with him in their post-match interviews.

Despite criticism from the outside over Haaland’s attitude in particular, Guardiola is satisfied with his players’ response. The manager is certain of what he has witnessed, even though he is unsure of the club’s reaction to the accusation against them.

This season, we acted in a really bad way. “I want to see my team and my club behave like we did in our poor decisions and results, even after the game when my players said we can improve,” he stated.

“After that, we’ll accept all the decisions from the Premier League or whatever.”

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