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“I think the writing is kind of on the wall”- Nedum On: “I think the writing is kind of on the wall”- Nedum Onuoha says £45m Man City player should leave the club withuoha says £45m Man City player should leave the club with immediate effect

£45 million Man City player Nedum Onuoha believes he should leave the team

Nedum Onuoha has proposed that, in light of Pep Guardiola’s recent remarks about Kalvin Phillips, the player depart Manchester City in January.


Guardiola apologised to Phillips for not providing him regular playing time during a recent press conference before of tomorrow’s Premier League match against Luton Town. He then said that he finds it difficult to picture the 27-year-old on his dream squad.


As a result, one analyst and former City player has now spoken his opinions about Phillips and his circumstances at the Manchester team.


Onuoha addressed the issue in a recent video that was posted on the ESPN FC YouTube page.


“You can have control; you can just play him if that’s what you want to do,” he stated. It seems as though he is incapable of playing him because of something hanging over his head. It’s understandable if you don’t like him, and when every other player in that City team starts in midfield before him, I believe the writing is pretty much on the wall.


MORE MAN CITY STORIES “It definitely sounds worse if I were Kalvin Phillips and I heard someone say, ‘I just don’t see you in the team. Say something different instead; that sounds terrible. It’s quite humiliating to hear, “I just don’t see you in the field for the way my team wants to play,” but to Kalvin Phillips’ credit, he seems to be a good man. In some ways, I believe this has made things worse for Guardiola because if he were a horrible guy, he would simply tell him to go.


It’s strange; he seems to be trying, and I almost think he’s a very young player now. Observing him during warm-ups and training makes me feel as though I’m in the worst possible situation—that is, the only person there is training and taking up room on the bench because no one else is.


“Nevertheless, January is quickly approaching, so maybe he can find something good and restart his career.”


In a £45 million deal, City acquired the England international from Leeds United during the summer transfer window of 2022.


The midfield player has since made 29 appearances for the Citizens in all competitions, but he has only started five of them.


This demonstrates how difficult it has been for Phillips to consistently receive any kind of meaningful playing time at the team.


We think that Onuoha’s departure from City next month might be the best course of action for him, especially in light of the fact that the former Leeds player stated that his goal is to play frequently enough to ensure he doesn’t miss out on a spot in the England squad for the Euros.


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