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FIFA has just announced VERY SAD NEWS for PGMOL chief Howard Webb and Referees of the match between Aston Villa and Manchester City and this have cost them thier Job PGMOL under scrutiny over surprising VAR mistake made by The Referee during the Manchester City vs Aston Villa match after he blew the whistle at the middle of the game

PGMOL president Howard Webb has acknowledged that referee Simon Hooper erred in not awarding advantage during the incident that resulted in a draw between Manchester City and Tottenham and the Premier League charging the Blues.

After an enthralling 3-3 draw, Erling Haaland was fouled in injury time, which infuriated City. He then got up and put Jack Grealish through for a score. When Grealish took a touch, Hooper looked to play advantage at first, but he pulled it back for a foul.

Other City players surrounded the referee as Haaland raced at Hooper and screamed in his face. Due to that response, City was accused of not having enough control over its players; nevertheless, Haaland escaped a charge for sharing a video of the incident on social media with the comment, “WTF.”

Now, Webb has addressed the matter and acknowledged that Hooper’s error should have been given the advantage in the most recent episode of “Premier League Mic’d Up,” which included an explanation of the officials’ choices and the audio between the refs and VAR officials.

The referee, Hooper, appeared to realise his error immediately after blowing his whistle and apologised, according to the audio. He then called for “calm” as the players gathered him. It’s evident that Haaland is yelling at Hooper—his exact words are unidentifiable.

Webb acknowledged, after reviewing the event, that “it is an officiating mistake,” implying that Hooper’s decision to warn Emerson Royal prevented the advantage from being played.

According to his explanation, “Simon Hooper is usually good at identifying those things. As officials, we’re always looking to have that positive impact on the game by trying to identify occasions when we can allow the game to play through an advantage.”

This time, he witnesses Emerson Royal fouling Haaland very forcefully and recklessly in midfield, causing the ball to go backwards. He puts in the effort and just pauses briefly to consider the possibility of an edge. And he realises it by mentally processing the fact that it was a bold challenge and irresponsible, and he will need to warn [Royal].”

City was even more enraged when Webb revealed Hooper’s response, stating that the referee was “devastated” and that his raised arm to signal the advantage was inadvertent.

“It’s not quite as easy to see how things are playing out at ground level compared to an elevated view,” he clarified. And just as the ball is ready to move, he [Hooper] decides to penalise, only to find that a fantastic advantage was available. He was undoubtedly devastated. He did a great job officiating the game for ninety-three minutes, but he is aware that this will be the primary topic of conversation when it comes to the finish.

“I can appreciate Manchester City’s displeasure because, although it would have been a fantastic advantage, Hooper blew at the worst moment. Although he appeared prepared to play advantage, you never heard him yell, “advantage.” When I questioned him about the arm, he said he was doing it without even realising it.

“Simon was disappointed since he really wanted to have taken advantage of the situation there. “Just hold your hands up, be a remorseful man, and show your disappointment in the moment,” I told him afterward. Since he was undoubtedly experiencing that at the moment. We hope he won’t do that again and have learned from it.”

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