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Premier League superstar found GUILTY of over 200 betting charges and has now been banned for 10 months

Stefano Pioli, the manager of AC Milan, maintained that he was unaware of Sandro Tonali’s gambling addiction, which resulted in his ban.

The Italian international midfielder was acquired by Newcastle from Milan in the summer for a fee of £55 million. His representative acknowledged that he was a gambling addict, but two months later it was revealed that he was under investigation for violating betting regulations.

Tonali’s 10-month ban at the end of October raised concerns about Milan’s knowledge prior to choosing to take advantage of their star young player. In a Tuesday night statement, Pioli stated that Newcastle had gotten a “fantastic” deal and said, “No, I was unaware of Sandro’s issue.

He was a sensible youngster who was courteous, respectful, and considerate of others. I talk about things other than football, even with players with whom I consider to have a close, open relationship. However, I’m not really sure about what they do outside.

Upon being asked if he felt sorry for Newcastle for investing so much money on a player who will now be out of commission until the end of August, he responded, “Well, when they signed him, it was a great deal, and what happened after no one could have expected.”

Tonali and I have a close relationship. He was a cheerful boy who always displayed application and good will when he was with us. He has landed on something brittle. He and I are close, so hopefully he can benefit from this experience. Is he capable of recovering? Definitely, in terms of his athletic and tactical aptitude.”

Tuesday at St. James’ Park, Pioli called a team meeting but did not conduct any training. He stated, “We have one objective, and that is to win the game.” We are aware of the opponent and what we are anticipating. This must become our moment.

“I will have to see the whole time he will be unable to play and then work out a plan for him,” Howe stated in an October speech following the confirmation of Tonali’s suspension. It’s going to be quite challenging for him. When he is not playing, he will experience boredom. Training can be challenging, as I have frequently observed in athletes.

“We have to maintain his physical and mental well-being so that he can perform critical pitching tasks. Ensuring he emerges from the period a greater player than the one who is leaving us now will be a task for us.

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“He will experience challenging times throughout that period if he is banned. A professional athlete can’t stop doing what he does for ten months. particularly on the pitch’s size. You can become used to playing single-player games throughout training.”

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