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“He’s just an overhyped player, nothing really special about him, i don’t rate him much”- Chelsea legend Didier Drogba claims 22-years old Chelsea star is nothing special

The 22-year-old Chelsea sensation is nothing remarkable, according to Chelsea icon Didier Drogba. “He’s just an overhyped player, nothing really special about him, I don’t rate him much.”

Legendary in both African and global football, Didier Drogba made history with a number of incredible records while representing Chelsea in the Premier League and the Ivory Coast national team.

The fact that the former captain of the Ivory Coast was the only player to score in three separate League Cup finals demonstrated his ability to perform well under pressure.

Drogba scored four goals in three EFL Cup finals while he was a player for Chelsea, including a brace against Arsenal in the 2007 championship game and one each against Tottenham in 2008 and Liverpool in 2005.

Throughout those three finals, the Chelsea icon led the Blues to two victories.

A total of four FA Cup final goals
The fact that Drogba is the only player to have scored in four FA Cup finals further demonstrates his skill in big games. In these pivotal games, his objectives were not just to score as many points as possible but also to score well and influence the result of the game.

Chelsea won all four of their FA Cup championships thanks to goals from Drogba in the 2007–2010 final, the 2010 final, and the 2012 final.

scoring and emerging victorious in the same season’s English domestic cup finals
Drogba’s clutchness under duress is further supported by a milestone he reached in the 2006–07 campaign.

In the same season, Drogba accomplished a feat never before witnessed in English football: he won the League Cup and scored in the FA Cup. This demonstrated his all-around abilities and capacity to perform when it counts most.

Both times, the Ivorian great scored the winning goal—twice against Arsenal in the League Cup final and once against Manchester United in the FA Cup final—that season.

Drogba’s accomplishments during his playing career are attested to by his records. He became a cult icon among Chelsea supporters and a formidable player thanks to his combination of physicality, skill, and clutch performances in crucial situations.

These accomplishments highlight not just his unique talent but also his crucial role in his team’s victories.

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