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Premier League Club has been deducted with 12 points this afternoon After breaching Financial Play Rules and the will be relegated

The English Football League (EFL) reportedly sent Reading Football Club owner Dai Yongge a directive in August directing him to deposit 125% of the club’s pay bill into a designated account by a specific date, according to the BBC.

Sadly, this monetary prerequisite was not satisfied, which led to the instant activation of a suspended points deduction penalty.

Reading has already lost two games this year due to point deductions, which has further complicated their present campaign.

Due to late labour payments, the club lost one point in August, underscoring the organization’s ongoing financial difficulties.

The most recent point reduction comes after a harsher six-point penalty for breaking profit and sustainability rules in April.

The fact that Reading was demoted from the Championship to League One was largely due to this penalty.

The EFL has emphasised that it will punish Reading for breaking the rules and that Chinese investor Dai Yongge is still committed to the team. Dai is aggressively looking for new investors to help stabilise the club’s finances.

Reading has good reason to be concerned about this, especially given that they were in the Premier League just ten years ago.

Further point deductions can have a significant impact on the club’s goals and performance this season.

For Reading to be competitive and successful in the future, it is essential that it maintain its financial stability and follow EFL rules.

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