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“UP CHELSEA: £67M Rated Striker Have Decided To Join Chelsea – “Very Attracted To Pochettino’s Project and he has rejected a move to Newscastle and Choose Chelsea”

Dusan Vlahovic, a striker for Juventus, would be interested in moving to Chelsea.

That’s based on a Calciomercatotv report.

It says that Dusan Vlahovic is a “very attractive” target for Stamford Bridge and that his future at Juventus is far from assured.

Talk about Vlahovic, who cost his current club £66.6 million, and Chelsea has not been new.

Romelu Lukaku would have gone the other way if the Blues had signed the 23-year-old from Juventus, according to a report in The Guardian from the summer.

Chelsea is so lovely.

Chelsea’s performance has recently declined. That cannot be disputed.

They are now ranked 11th in the Premier League after finishing 12th the previous season, which disqualifies them from Champions League play.

Nevertheless, a few poor seasons does not make up for all of the Blues’ achievements over the previous 20 years.

Image courtesy of Getty Images and Isabella Bonotto/Anadolu Agency

And with all of Todd Boehly’s and Clearlake Capital’s investments, along with the latest additions, you would think that things would ultimately get better.

Taking into account everything mentioned above as well as Chelsea’s London-based advantage, it is easy to understand why elite players such as Vlahovic would still find Stamford Bridge to be a desirable location.

Are the Serbian internationals ranking the Blues highest on their list? Maybe not right now, though. However, Chelsea still has attraction since, despite their current difficulties, they are one of the largest clubs in the world.

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