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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has given verdict on Ederson injury and the condition of his injury

First-choice custodian Ederson was injured early in the Premier League champions’ match against Newcastle. But as play went on due to a delayed offside flag, the Brazilian pointed out the issue, leaving City supporters incensed.
Ederson was hurt after he collided with Sean Longstaff, the forward from Newcastle who ultimately scored the goal. Although VAR disqualified the goal, Ederson was forced to leave the game and was replaced by Stefan Ortega. City fans grumbled on social media because the assistant referee did not raise the flag due of the offside rule regarding VAR.

“Absolute f*cking joke the offside procedure nowadays, he’s blatantly offside, linesman doesn’t raise his flag and Ederson gets injured as a result,” a spectator said.

Journalist Simon Hattenstone wrote: “Stupidest f*cking rule change in footy – playing on when plainly offside. Ederson has now been lost by City due to a “playing on” injury, after Stones’ demise.”

Someone else commented: “Stones and Ederson now injured due to football collectively deciding linesmen are basically pointless.”

Ederson’s injury occurred shortly after defender John Stones was hurt in a comparable incident. During the match against Everton last month, he made a challenge to stop Beto from scoring but the goal would not have counted anyhow as the forward was offside. Although Premier League referees are instructed to postpone raising their flags and stopping play, the assistant referee did not signal offside.

City will be praying that Ederson, the goalie from Brazil, does not have too serious of an injury. They’ll be hoping he’s fit to go for their FA Cup encounter on January 26 against Tottenham.

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