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“We cannot understand the referes rules have changed the are always against me- Rodri furiously reacts to Premier league referee after getting his 7th booking of the season

Man City star Rodri says of Premier League regulations and officiating decisions, “We cannot understand.”

The midfielder for Manchester City, Rodri, bemoaned the confusing rule book and the poor quality of Premier League officiating, admitting that he finds it difficult to control his emotions during matches.

In addition to the red card he received against Nottingham Forest earlier in the season, the Spaniard was given his seventh yellow card of the Premier League season at Newcastle on Saturday. He is currently three bookings away from the season’s third suspension.

At St. James’ Park, he saw Chris Kavanagh give Bruno Guimaraes a yellow card for a tackle after Rodri had just fouled him in the centre circle. Play was continued despite the Brazilian’s challenge, which appeared to be a clear case of a second yellow card, until Rodri fouled his opponent.

After claiming that “the referee today was unbelievable in a negative way” and that “the City players don’t understand many things that happened” in the 3-2 victory against Newcastle, Rodri questioned the crackdown this season that has resulted in more yellow cards being given.

“I have eight yellow cards [one in the Champions League] with two or three tackles, the others are like, I don’t know what, but it is what it is,” he stated.

Something exists that we are unable to comprehend. Despite the refereeing method they picked, I received a yellow card for a foul and contact that wasn’t followed by another yellow card for Bernardo’s following move.

Thus, we must make an effort to forget. But sometimes—trust me—it can be a little challenging.”

When asked if the refereeing choices made this season had made it tough at times to remain composed, Rodri responded, “It’s difficult.” It’s challenging because you want to succeed. They’re OK with a win or a draw and don’t want to rush things. We want to keep going, but the referee doesn’t help much. We simply want things to be fair in both directions, which I don’t think they were today.”

Some players are confused by a lot of rule changes, and more cards are displayed in games as a result of a crackdown on dissent. In their last two away games, City has also suffered injuries to two players, Ederson and John Stones, as a result of offside flags remaining down so that play can be reviewed by VAR, only for the flag to go up once the opportunity had passed.

Rodri responded, “I agree,” when it was pointed out to him that no one was aware of the present rules. We have been attempting to remedy this condition for the past few years, but it has caused us harm. It seems absurd to me.

“The fact that the ball goes in behind and that there are many injuries in this situation, even though it was fortunately only a kick and it could have been worse.” Thus, we must determine whether watching the game is the wisest course of action.

Oscar Bobb’s injury-time goal—which came with just three minutes remaining—made City’s displeasure on Tyneside evident, as Newcastle had wasted time when they were ahead.

While the Portuguese midfielder and Rodri seemed to be talking about the officials after the game, Bernardo Silva gestured with three fingers at fourth official Tim Robinson and the Newcastle bench from the bench.

With 17 minutes remaining, City was still behind 2-1, but Kevin De Bruyne came off the bench to tie the score and set up Bobb for the winning goal. Rodri paid respect to both players.

“Kev, with no physicality right now he has the talent to do these amazing things,” he stated. “With Kevin, it’s all simple. The truth is that we depend on him. After all these years, we still need him. He will be very significant.

“I informed him that this is his season, which is going to be crucial for us. Then Oscar Bobb, who was overjoyed for him because he was a young actor for the academy. He scored an incredible goal. He will play a major role in the next years.”

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