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Coming from Fabrizio Romano this Evening VERY SAD NEWS has been announced for Manchester City after found guilty of breaching 115 financial Rules

Former Manchester City finance advisor Stefan Borson, a lawyer, claims that if the Blues are found guilty of any of the 115 financial misdeeds the Premier League has brought against them, they will be demoted.

Nonetheless, he stated that with the number of individuals charged with involvement in the purported cover-ups, it is quite improbable that City will be held accountable. The accusations, which City disputes, centre on illegal funding and a deficiency in cooperation between 2009 and 2018.

Everton and Nottingham Forest are both accused of going over the three-season monetary loss threshold, which is a violation of the Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability guidelines. These additional charges were made this week.

Due to a prior infraction of the league’s money restrictions, Everton has already lost ten points. Since City’s situation is very different from those of Forest and Everton, Borson believes that if an impartial committee finds City guilty, there will be more serious repercussions.

“Compared to Everton and Forest, the scale is entirely different,” Borson stated to talkSPORT. “If the charges are confirmed, there is no doubt that this will result in at least relegation. A conspiracy theory covering essentially a ten-year span is put forth.

“They [the Premier League] are saying that the entire thing was a hoax and that City’s primary sponsorship deals are really for Β£8 million rather than Β£50–60 million.

That numerous people had lied, numerous executives from various companies had been complicit, and the club had lied to numerous other parties. Professionals, those doing out research on the league, the FA, the UEFA, and the company.

“If proven, this is extremely serious,” Borson continued. That would not be disputed by anyone. In their argument, City will state that this is an extremely serious allegationβ€”I can assure you of this because they have already told the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

UEFA accused City of financial misconduct prior to the CAS overturning their two-year European suspension in 2020. Given the scope of what the Premier League is claiming and has to prove, Borson thinks the team will prevail once more.

“I believe a case of this kind has to have a level of convincing proof, which seems to me to be impossible to present to an independent commission,” he continued. “I think they [City] will clear their name.”

Furthermore, given the types of people participating in the club and the companies in question, it seems improbable that the alleged behaviour occurred over a ten-year period.

“It looks extremely doubtful, and any impartial panel will begin with that conclusion. Any quasi-court or tribunal that suggests these many people have lied to themselves and been dishonestly will be facing a very huge challenge.

“That will be a huge call that, in addition to Manchester City, many executives, some third parties, and possibly senior members of foreign states, need to be made by some KCs and possibly a former finance director of a football club.”

Premier League CEO Richard Masters stated last week that the date of the independent panel hearing on the accusations has been determined, but he would not provide it.

It is uncertain what penalties could be imposed because this is an unprecedented case of this magnitude, but if City is found guilty, there is a chance that its championships could be revoked.

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