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“He should be on the same level with the GOATS Christiano and Lionel Messi” he has the best Right Foot than Christiano Ronaldo-John Obi Mikel says one Man City player has the best right foot in the world

According to John Obi Mikel, Kevin De Bruyne, a midfielder for Manchester City, possesses the best right foot in all of football.


The 32-year-old, who cost Β£55 million to acquire from Wolfsburg in 2015, is presently in the middle of his ninth season with the Manchester team.


However, one former elite midfield player has recently given the Belgian some very noteworthy recognition.


De Bruyne has the best right foot, according to Mikel.


In a recent video posted on Goal’s Tik Tok channel, Mikel was asked to construct his dream football player. He chose Lionel Messi as his perfect left foot. When asked to choose a player with the finest right foot, Mikel had this to say.


“I’m going to go [with] Kevin De Bruyne, even though I know the [Cristiano] Ronaldo fans are going to kill me,” he declared.



De Bruyne has participated in 361 games for City in all competitions, tallying 155 assists and 97 goals in the process.


44 of the 65 Premier League goals he has scored in his career have come with his right foot, while 21 have come from his left.


This demonstrates that even while his right foot may be more dominant, his left foot is still more than capable of making excellent goal contributions.


Taking all of that into consideration, it is indisputable that City has profited immensely over a considerable amount of time from De Bruyne’s right foot.


The 32-year-old has been among the club’s top acquisitions over the last ten years, it’s reasonable to say.


After a lengthy layoff due to hamstring surgery, the midfield player is back, and if he stays healthy, we think he might have a significant impact on his team winning the titles he helped them win the previous season.


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