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“Before the Carabao Cup final, i WILL NOT fire Mauricio Pochettino, HE has plans for the club. And I will give him time. – Chelsea Owner Todd Boehly has sent warning message to Chelsea Fans who want Pochettino to be Sacked

The Chelsea team is now in last place in the table and has not been victorious in any of their most recent three matches.


On the other hand, Mauricio Pochettino will perform at Wembley Stadium versus Liverpool.


The club has spent more than one billion pounds on transfer fees since the new owner took over in May, which is a significant amount.


Chelsea is still in the middle of the table. The first of their two most recent league matches was against a team that allowed four goals to be scored against them.


Liverpool and then Wolves, and they are now holding the eleventh spot with 31 points, which is 20 points behind Klopp.


At the same time as Pochettino was facing increasing levels of criticism and pressure, The Standard stated that he


The manager “maintains the support of the Chelsea hierarchy” and has “no plans for another mid-season managerial change.”


Because of this, Argentina will be in the lead by the time the Carabao Cup final takes place on February 25.


It will not be simple for Chelsea to prepare for that match because they have games scheduled against Aston Villa and Manchester City before that.


It is interesting to note that the Mail reported that Chelsea are “concerned” about the possibility of “risking breaching Premier League spending rules” if they try to make another change after they have failed to fire their fourth manager in the past three years.


Pochettino has 18 months left on his contract, and if he were to be fired, Chelsea would incur additional expenses of “more than £10 million” for his squad. Additionally, his dismissal would be subject to profit and stability provisions.



They are already being scrutinised for their enormous expenditure, and many people anticipate that they will sell a large number of players during the summer transfer window in order to bring the books back into balance.


Despite the fact that the loophole has been closed, the London club continued to sign players to contracts that were too long to take benefit of it.


A number of players “expressed personal regret” and “didn’t see the big project they were sold for,” according to a report from Athletic.


Doesn’tthat come as a real surprise?

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