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“He made a lot of Errors in the Chelsea Vs Wolves defeat that was the reason why he won’t play today”- Mouricio Pochettino have coated stirs online after Key City player won’t play despite being fit

Following two crushing losses, the Chelsea team’s morale has reportedly dropped significantly, and concerns have been raised about certain players’ actions.


After a depressing 4-2 loss to Wolves at home on Sunday, the west Londoners fell to 11th place in the Premier League standings. A few days prior, they had also conceded four goals against Liverpool.


The team led by Mauricio Pochettino is currently 15 points behind Aston Villa, who are in fourth position and have the final automatic Champions League spot.


The Argentine coach is under increasing pressure, but it’s believed that Chelsea’s finances are in such jeopardy following their extravagant spending throughout the last 18 months that they are unable to fire him.


Thiago Silva’s wife, Belle, suggested on Twitter that Pochettino should be fired before Sunday’s game had even ended. The club’s recruitment team is also being questioned.


According to the Daily Mail, squad morale is at its lowest point since Pochettino took over, and the atmosphere around the camp is beginning to scare some onlookers.


It’s reported that there’s a culture at Cobham that encourages players to leave the complex as soon as training is over, in contrast to many Premier League players who spend the majority of their days at their training facilities socialising with teammates and staff.


Squad members don’t often stick around to do extra tasks, which adds to the group’s perceived lack of cohesiveness.


Concerns have also reportedly been raised over the players’ capacity to take in and utilise analytical data, since some have had trouble taking negative criticism.


The squad’s inexperience has played a part, as recruiting young, promising players has been the main goal of recruitment, but this has its limitations.


One problem has been that players who have been accustomed to playing in teams with clearly defined tactical frameworks have generally found it difficult to adjust to new acquisitions’ differing tactics and styles of play.


Following the loss against Wolves, Pochettino was asked if his players were good enough. He responded, “I think we are all not.” That is the current state of affairs. I am the first accountable for this state of affairs as well. Today, we demonstrated that we are not good enough. 100% of everything you say is true.


Nobody can be safe because of the improper way we handled the problem. I don’t want to claim to be the greatest by coming here. Each of us bears responsibility.


Even the athletes. It is necessary for the players to assume some responsibility, just as I do. I concur that currently we are not keeping up with the club’s heritage. It is accurate to say that we must accept, remain critical, and never give up. We must continue to make efforts to alter, perhaps make a choice, or look at things from a different angle.



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