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“I try to do the same runs with everyone but with him, it’s a bit more like I know I’m going to get it perfect-Erling Haaland says Man City actually have a player whose passing is just ‘perfect

With a brilliant pass on a counterattack, the Belgian midfielder, who replaced Everton for Manchester City in the 57th minute, set up Haaland for his second goal of the game.


Erling Haaland was quiet for most of the match, but after Kevin De Bruyne found him in plenty of space, he came to life once more. He then danced past Jarrad Branthwaite and placed the ball past Jordan Pickford to lead his team to victory.


Kevin De Bruyne, according to Erling Haaland, is a “perfect” passer.

Regretfully for Pep Guardiola, the explosive pair has only started three games together because of the midfield maestro’s extended absence from action owing to a hamstring injury.


One of those matches was City’s season-opening 3-0 victory against Burnley, where De Bruyne was substituted off because of a persistent injury. As a result, the two have played little over 200 minutes of football together this year.


But in Manchester City’s 2-0 victory against Everton, Erling Haaland complimented Kevin De Bruyne’s passing and knowledge of him as he fed him again.


“With everyone, I try to do the same runs, but with him, it’s more like I know I’m going to get it perfect.” He stated, “I am confident that the ball will arrive,” according to Manchester City’s official website.


“You can see that I’m focused on running towards the goal and don’t even glance at the ball for two seconds when he has it.”


“That’s the difference—not that I’m mean to other players—it’s just the slight advantage of knowing that the ball will eventually arrive.”


Erling Haaland also disclosed that after years of observing Kevin De Bruyne, he knows where he will play his passes.


It feels more organic. Since I watch a lot of football, I’ve seen where he plays the ball for a number of years, and in the previous five years, he hasn’t altered his position.


“It was about entering and completing those tasks, for me.”


The dream of every striker is the Manchester City maestro.

In the end, Kevin De Bruyne, like any exceptional creator, has a talent for reading a striker’s movement, which has allowed him to facilitate Erling Haaland’s life at Manchester City.


The five-time Premier League champion also finds Julian Alvarez in space whenever he pleases.


Erling Haaland seemed to be more at ease with Kevin De Bruyne’s outstanding vision and final ball, stating that he anticipates having a chance to put the ball in the net sooner rather than later.

The inevitable happened against Everton, as Haaland scored his 16th Premier League goal of the year.



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