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“Not even Messi or Cristiano had these numbers at his age.” Pep Guardiola hails £54m putting up numbers that surpass the all time greats 🐐

So far this season, the Norwegian forward has only scored 21 goals, which isn’t very good for him.


He scored City’s first goal since November 25 in their 2-0 win over Everton last Saturday. It was his first goal in 10 games.


Haaland was hurt for more than a month during that dry spell. However, the fact that he went four games without scoring is unusual for someone with his high standards.


The manager said, “It looks like I’m complaining about Erling, but it was about everything,” before City’s Champions League game at FC Copenhagen on Tuesday night, which was shown live on talkSPORT.


“It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t score tomorrow, the next day, or next week.


“He’s really strong. It comes from the earth. He’s done great because his mind is so strong. He scores one goal and wants two more.


You can see his age in the numbers. At his age, not even Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo had these many goals in the Champions League.


Ronaldo and Messi have scored 140 and 129 goals in the Champions League, respectively. Haaland, on the other hand, has only scored 40 goals in Europe’s top club tournament.


It’s possible for Haaland to beat the famous players, though, since he is only 23 years old and has time on his side.


Haaland had 38 goals in the Champions League before he turned 24 in June 2011, three more than Messi. Ronaldo, who had already turned 24, had only 16 goals in the Champions League at the end of the 2008–09 season.


Haaland won’t be 24 until July, so if City make it to a second straight European final, he will have plenty of chances to improve his already impressive record.





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