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VERY SAD NEWS HAS been Announced for Chelsea Star Thiago Silva and Wife-“It has to stop” “This is not your first time” – Jamie Carragher slams Thiago Silva’s wife after doing this awkward thing to her husband

It must end. Jamie Carragher chastises Thiago Silva’s wife for doing this unpleasant thing to her husband, saying, “This is not your first time.”


Jamie Carragher has slammed Belle, the wife of Thiago Silva, for awkwardly placing her husband in the spotlight with her social media outburst approximately a week ago.


After Chelsea’s 4-2 Premier League loss to Wolves at Stamford Bridge, Belle appeared to demand Mauricio Pochettino’s immediate firing, which clearly infuriated the Chelsea manager.


After speaking with his defender for a while, the Argentine benched the 39-year-old for last week’s 3-1 FA Cup victory against Aston Villa.


“Since he joined Chelsea, Thiago Silva has proven that he is among the best centre backs of his generation,” Carragher stated to Sky Sports.


However, he’s under some strain right now. He did not play against Aston Villa; the club won handily, and both of their centre backs were excellent.


And he begins by restating his wife’s remarks. When my family members speak, I’m reminded of my playing days.


“Nobody should be speaking out about a boss in public, not even your brother, wife, or father.


Occasionally, an agent discloses information on a player. That has to end because it is wrong. This is not the first instance of it. It has placed him in a strange situation.


“He’s a great football player, but he’ll have some attention from others.” Thiago Silva’s age will eventually force Chelsea to let rid of him.


On Monday night, Chelsea defeated Crystal Palace 3-1 with Thiago back in the starting lineup. However, the centre back was forced to leave the game early in the second half due to what appeared to be an injury.



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