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Manchester City’s punishment has been announced if found guilty of breaking financial rules

Geoff Shreeves, a former writer for Sky Sports, says that Manchester City should be kicked out of the Premier League if they are found to have broken financial rules.


Since it was said that City broke 115 financial fair play rules from 2009 to 2018, twelve months have passed. The club denies all of the claims.


Since Everton lost 10 points, the case for City is getting more attention again. What the Toffees are looking for is the outcome of their appeal against the punishment. There are now more charges against them and Nottingham Forest.


Because Everton’s sentence was so harsh, City should be demoted if they are found guilty, and maybe even dropped several levels. Shreeves has said what he thinks about it.


Lucky Block asked him about the charges against Everton and Manchester City. He said, “They are very different.” Two things are not the same, and Everton talked to the Premier League about their process the whole time.


“I think it will go to court with Manchester City, but not for at least two years.” The road is very, very far away. If City is found guilty, I don’t think the Premier League would have any other choice but to dump them.


“by taking away those points from Everton, they set a standard.” Their main goal was to get a 12-point penalty. That means it has to be possible, it has to be.”


Guardiola has said that he will stay with City if they are sent back to League One, which is a level they haven’t played in since 1998–1999.


A lot of Premier League teams, as well as commentator Gary Neville, have asked the league to move quickly on City’s case so that other clubs can understand

what’s going on.

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