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Recent developments involving Jude Bellingham and Mason Greenwood: a decision is about to be made over an alleged slur, and a Real Madrid superstar is facing a four-game suspension.

NEWS FLASH: Jude Bellingham and Mason Greenwood’s most recent: A decision about the alleged slur is expected, and a Real Madrid player might miss four games.


The incident in question took place on February 1st during Real Madrid vs. Getafe in a league match. Bellingham reportedly mouthed the word “Rapist” at the Manchester United loanee after challenging his countryman on the pitch. After Getafe filed a protest with the La Liga official on site, the league brought in a lip reader to evaluate the exchange.


Cope now claims that La Liga has moved the case to the committee for competition. Though the league has not yet released the final report, the lip reader has already notified the committee of the conclusion. If proven guilty, Greenwood might face a four-game penalty.


Some reports claim that the Real Madrid player shouted “rubbish,” which was misunderstood, instead of the word “rapist,” but Getafe has insisted on a thorough investigation. Throughout the entire story, the team has supported Greenwood, who came to them on a season-long loan from the Red Devils after accusations of assault, coercive control, and attempted rape were dropped against him in February 2023.


With seven goals and five assists in 23 games across all competitions, the English winger has been a standout player for the Azulones this season. In the summer, the Spanish team may decide to make his loan transfer permanent.


The England international may have to spend some time on the sidelines if found guilty. Due to a sprained ankle, he is currently unable to perform and will likely be unavailable for at least three weeks.




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