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“I told PSG board to help me sign him before Baby Coach Pep Guardiola even think of renewing his contract, he does not know how to manage this kinds of talents and keep benching them”- PSG Manager Luis Enrique now want to sign £45m Manchester City player who is a Bench warmer at City. Why will Luis Enrique call Pep a Baby Coach? 💔 What has he achieved in Football?.

In the summer transfer window, Paris Saint-Germain is “ideally positioned” to sign a huge star from Manchester City.

Le10Sport, who thinks the French champions will try to sign Bernardo Silva, says as much.

Kylian Mbappe, PSG’s brightest star, has informed his team that he will not be extending his contract at the end of the current campaign, meaning the team will lose its top player this year.

PSG is now again being connected to City’s Silva since they now have a huge void in their lineup to fill and plenty of extra cash to do so.

PSG and Bernardo Silva are connected.
According to a report from the French publication Le10Sport, after PSG’s attempts to sign Bernardo in 2022 and 2023 failed, the club now views him as a “priority” for football advisor Luis Campos.

For years, there have been rumours that Bernardo might return to continental Europe, but he has never received a formal offer.

When he extended his contract to 2026 in the summer, the 29-year-old seemed to be putting his future to rest.

The £50 million release clause in Bernardo’s most recent contract, according to reports, puts PSG “ideally positioned” to recruit him in the end.

It is also stated that although Bernardo “wants to come to Paris,” the provision only takes effect on July 1.

Not a year goes by without Bernardo being connected to either Barcelona or PSG, and this time it’s happened early.

Even agreeing to a new contract that would last until 2026 doesn’t seem to be enough to stop the speculation about the Portugal international’s future.

It is concerning, though, that there could be a release clause with such a low cost. PSG would have no problem spending £50 million, and that’s before Mbappe’s departure frees them a substantial piece of their resources.

Bernardo is just the kind of elite manager the Parisians require to mitigate the blow of losing such a significant figure.

With City waiting to learn if one of their top players will leave, it appears that this summer may be another nerve-wracking one.

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