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Manchseter City Skipper and Star boy Erling Haaland has finally left Ethihad Stadium this Evening to join his former teammate in European Giant Club

What Erling Haaland’s loved ones truly think of his new connections to Real Madrid
According to a source, Erling Haaland’s close associates are not happy about his new connections to Real Madrid.

SPORT reported over a week ago that Carlo Ancelotti’s team hopes to complete a transfer for the Manchester City attacker by 2025, along with Kylian Mbappe.

It was discovered in April of last year that Guardiola had chosen to sign Haaland to a contract that would have expired in 2025, eliminating the £150 million release clause that was supposed to be activated this summer in his agreement with the Etihad Stadium.

Despite the rumours that the Spanish powerhouses were interested in signing the Norwegian international, it was stated in January that City was confident in keeping him on a private basis.

What Erling Haaland’s loved ones think of the new Real Madrid connections
After all, there were rumours last month that the 23-year-old would sign with Los Blancos tomorrow if given the chance.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that Erling Haaland, who owns a villa in Marbella, enjoys taking vacations in Spain and visits the country whenever he has some free time.

According to The Athletic, people close to Erling Haaland are said to have “laughed off” his recent connections to Real Madrid.
Moreover, it was stated that the transfer fee to sign Haaland will likely be closer to £100 million than £200 million because the release clauses will keep activating year after year.

It is thought that this particular element would complicate the contract negotiations between Manchester City and the 23-year-old.

However, Erling Haaland’s intention to leave the Etihad Stadium for Real Madrid or any other club will determine if these release clauses even come into play in the future.

Furthermore, the source asserts that the Norwegian’s prospects of having his contract extended into 2027 have only increased with Kylian Mbappe expected to sign with Los Merengues.

While some might anticipate that Paris Saint-Germain will make an attempt to entice the triple champion, they are reportedly more focused on obtaining Victor Osimhen to take over for the Frenchman.

It seems improbable that Bayern Munich and Juventus will attempt to sign the Leeds-born striker because it has been reported that they were dissatisfied with the length of his Manchester City contract.

Erling Haaland hasn’t stated that he would be interested in joining either team.

It has also been explained that a deal would not be simple to close should Real Madrid attempt to sign Erling Haaland.

Insiders in the white sector of the Spanish capital think that if they signed the prolific striker, other big-name players like Jude Bellingham and Vinicius Jr. would inevitably ask for raises.

The Brazilian winger’s current salary is said to be €12 million (£9.2 million) annually, whereas Haaland’s salary at City is more than twice as high. The top team in Spain’s league has a plan in place to assemble a roster of young, exceptional players at comparatively cheap wages, at least when it comes to football.

An effort to sign Erling Haaland by Real Madrid is improbable unless Florentino Perez determines that now is the proper moment to move a deal forward. The club president, though, is now focused on bringing in just one superstar each summer.

The Sky Blues may consider increasing Haaland’s salary and rearranging his buy-out conditions in order to bind him to a new contract.

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