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Manchester City Playermaker Kevin De Bruyne has left Manchester City this morning to join shocking Saudi Arabia Club

Pep Guardiola hasn’t seemed to be in the mood to talk during previous press appearances. He had plenty to say following Manchester City’s victory over Bournemouth, revealing that his players were worn out. However, on the whole, he has portrayed a manager who is getting weary of having to deal with the media on a regular basis.

Expectations for the FA Cup preview for the Luton trip were low, given the remarks about weariness. But Guardiola can surprise people, and he was in a much better mood when speaking to the cameras about City’s “defining” fixture list in March, Jack Grealish’s fitness, and how teams like Arsenal and Liverpool have been enjoying their recent success.

Guardiola was just as talkative during his portion of the press conference that was under embargo. He declined to comment directly when asked about Kevin De Bruyne’s future or Jurgen Klopp’s replacement at Liverpool, but what he did say was noteworthy coming from the City boss.

Bruyne’s ties to Saudi Arabia
It was just a matter of time until the next superstar connected to a Saudi Pro League move was Kevin De Bruyne. He meets the criteria because he is well-known, older than thirty, and might be looking for one last large payday before retiring. Guardiola insisted that he wanted his talisman to stay and finish his career at the Etihad, but he also instructed media to question the Belgian directly about the veracity of the allegations.

The manager remarked, “It’s a question for him; I’d love for him to stay but I’m not sure.” “I’ve heard some links, but I’m not sure if Saudi Arabia wants him or if there’s an offer. Though everyone is everyone, I would really like for him to stay till the conclusion of his career.”

It has long been City’s policy to allow players to leave if they wish to and have an acceptable offer. Aymeric Laporte and Riyad Mahrez both left the Etihad Stadium for Saudi Arabia in the summer, paying a total £55 million. De Bruyne’s deal with City expires in 2025, when he would have reached 34.

Could Alonso take Klopp’s place at Liverpool?
When Liverpool defeated Anfield on Sunday to win the Carabao Cup and give Jurgen Klopp another trophy during his farewell tour, Guardiola was questioned about if his job would get easier or harder when the German left. The City boss retorted, “Liverpool will lose an exceptional manager but hire a good manager.”

Later, Guardiola talked glowingly of the work his former Bayern Munich midfielder is doing at the top of the Bundesliga at Bayer Leverkusen but declined to comment on rumours linking Xabi Alonso to the Anfield position. With praise for his perfect record in all competitions with Leverkusen, the manager added, “If you ask me the job he’s doing, honestly… Wow.” “He was a really wise player. Such a perceptive athlete.”

Guardiola went on to remark that due of Alonso’s skill as a player, he had always assumed he would go into management. He stated: “You realise that this guy, if he retires and is at home, he will be annoyed and have nothing to do, so he will say, ‘OK, I’m going back, my business is world football.'” Holding midfielders are known for their curiosity about the game.

“Normally holding midfielders like him, [Javier] Mascherano, [Sergio] Busquets, the holding midfielders I had, Rodri, [Ilkay] Gundogan, they will be involved in football for sure because they have a global vision, the perspective is different.”

If Alonso takes Klopp’s position on Merseyside, could the following season’s Premier League see another master vs apprentice matchup?

Gains from the previous season’s point total
When asked if he could recall the atmosphere at this point in the previous season, Guardiola said that he couldn’t. Really, considering everything that has transpired over the past 12 months, this is fair enough. It was reasoned that, like their current performances, City was losing to Tottenham in February 2023 and wasn’t quite playing at their best.

Guardiola does recall, though, that despite maintaining consistency in outcomes and, for the most part, performances, City has more points now than they did at this point in the previous campaign. The manager resists the need to see every subpar performance from City as a catastrophe because he or she is focused on the greater picture.

“We have one more point than last season in the Premier League right now,” he said. “Yet Liverpool has plenty; at this point in the season, they were sixth in the league, and now they lead it. Even though Arsenal now leads by five, six, or seven points, their current form is concerning. There is ups and downs.

We are not unlike the previous season. I don’t recall the details, but I believe we were five or six points behind Arsenal in February of last year. We have them at home, so perhaps we can [make things right] there. They failed to maintain the pace they had in the first half of the season to score 50 points; if they had, we wouldn’t have been able to catch up, even with exceptional play. There are now three teams, including Villa. Spurs are currently playing. It only takes three teams, one point, and anything may happen.”

Bobb’s excessive spending
Oscar Bobb’s new contract was officially announced on Monday night. Guardiola had already informed the young player to enjoy using his salary increase earlier in the afternoon. He rapidly changed his mind, but he was praised for becoming the first player to break through the academy and establish a spot in the starting lineup.

“Without application he would not be here, his commitment, work ethic,” said Guardiola. “This is the hardest thing for Oscar right now. The easiest is to simply show up, create an impression, and perform. The truly challenging one is to stick around for a long time and play well in order to earn more money and more minutes, which also earns money!

That is the hardest part to do. Millions of players can arrive and make an appearance for a young gamer. Yes, but the most challenging thing is to play for Man City in the Premier League and to do so for a very long time.”

De Bruyne prepared to begin
Kevin De Bruyne is ready to start again for City, which is good news for Fantasy Football managers—even if the team playing next is in the Cup. By saying: “At the beginning his restart was completely different than with Erling, who needed time, it was a bone (injury), Kevin was muscular, out for four or five months,” Guardiola confirmed that De Bruyne was sitting out the Bournemouth match for tactical reasons.

The game we played against Bournemouth, because of their style of play, I said stay on the bench and maybe play in the second half. “After he needed minutes and minutes, after he played two or three from the beginning and after he had a little setback through the niggles, he said, ‘I don’t feel comfortable.'” And tomorrow, we’ll see. However, everything is OK.”

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