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Rio Ferdinand has hit out at Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta for choosing to bench his £27 million star signing in favor of an “underperforming” Kai Havertz. Arteta has been under fire for his team selection in the first leg of the Champions League match, and Ferdinand believes that he is making a big mistake by leaving on of his players on the bench. He said ” He gives his EVERYTHING on the pitch and plays his heart out for Arsenal. If he doesn’t start against Porto next week, Arsenal are out of UCL the very much need him for his Ability to play in different positions”.Rio Ferdinand Slams Arteta’s Choice to Bench Star Signing for ‘Underperforming’ Havertz”.

Kai Havertz’s rise is generating both enthusiasm and scepticism among Arsenal supporters. The German midfielder was first hard to acclimatise to at Emirates Stadium, but he is now beginning to show signs of true talent. Some admirers support him wholeheartedly, while others are still sceptical.

The opinions of Havertz and Arsenal supporters sparked a passionate debate on a recent episode of the Kelly and Wrighty Show, led by football analyst Rio Ferdinand. Ferdinand revealed that many supporters would select Leandro Trossard over Havertz for the starting lineup if given the choice. His justification was Trossard’s enduring influence on the game, which was demonstrated by his ability to score goals and his general impact.

By contrasting Trossard’s agility and technical proficiency with Havertz’s physical dominance, this comparison highlights the diversity of Arsenal’s team. Havertz, who stands 6 feet 4 inches tall, commands attention with his commanding presence, whereas Trossard, who is smaller in stature, draws attention with his skill set and goal-scoring abilities.

Although it’s still up for debate which player is superior, Havertz’s recent recuperation suggests that team manager Mikel Arteta values him highly. Therefore, it seems unlikely that they will be benching him in favour of Trossard very soon.

The development of players like Havertz and Trossard will undoubtedly affect Arsenal’s on-field performance as the season progresses. In addition, it will keep supporters and analysts in a heated debate, shaping the club’s narrative.

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