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“Drop Martinelli to the bench right now and start this player on the left wing”- Mikel Arteta has been SERIOUSLY WARNED to stop using Martinelli and start £47M player on the wing for Arsenal- Not Trossard, Not Smith Rowe and not Vierra

Mikel Arteta faces a serious ultimatum as former Arsenal star Patrick Vieira urges him to rethink his lineup strategy. Vieira’s advice: bench Martinelli and unleash a £47M player on the left flank, not Trossard, Smith Rowe, or even Vieira himself.


Vieira, now a pundit, made his case clear on Sky Sports, suggesting Gabriel Jesus, a £45 million acquisition, could shine on the left wing, particularly in crucial fixtures like the Champions League. He argued that Jesus isn’t your typical striker and has excelled in wider roles in his career.


The pundit stressed the need for Arsenal to invest in a top-class number nine, freeing up Jesus to dominate on the wing alongside Bukayo Saka, potentially sidelining Martinelli.


This viewpoint was echoed by fellow pundit Bothroyd, who highlighted Jesus’s versatility and the need for a prolific striker to bolster Arsenal’s attacking options. The idea is to build a formidable attacking trio of Jesus, Saka, and a new top-tier striker, providing Arteta with squad rotation options and keeping players fresh.


While benching Martinelli may raise eyebrows given his impact, the prospect of adding depth with another quality striker is enticing. It would give Arteta the flexibility to experiment with different attacking setups, enhancing competitiveness and potentially propelling Arsenal to the elite echelons of football.


In today’s footballing landscape, having multiple top-tier players in each position is a hallmark of excellence, and Arsenal must adapt to stay ahead in the game.

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