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“This is now the right and perfect time for me to speak, but Arsenal fans won’t believe me”- Granit Xhaka finally reveals the hidden truth why he left Arsenal to join Bayer Leverkusen

In an emotionally charged interview, former Arsenal captain Granit Xhaka has disclosed the true reasons for his departure to Bayer Leverkusen, clarifying that the public narrative missed key elements.


### Arsenal Career Background

Xhaka joined Arsenal in 2016 from Borussia Mönchengladbach, becoming a polarizing figure. While his leadership was praised, disciplinary issues and inconsistent performances drew criticism. A major incident in 2019, where he reacted angrily to fans’ boos during a match against Crystal Palace, led to him losing the captaincy and straining his relationship with supporters.


### Departure and New Revelations

Xhaka moved to Bayer Leverkusen in 2023 for around €25 million, with official statements suggesting a mutual decision for a fresh challenge. However, Xhaka’s recent interview reveals deeper issues:

– **Lack of Respect:** Xhaka felt marginalized and misunderstood at Arsenal, missing the respect he believed he deserved.

– **Broken Promises:** The vision sold to him upon joining the club shifted over time, causing frustration.

– **Lingering Fallout:** The Crystal Palace incident cast a long shadow, affecting his relationship with fans and his position at the club.

– **Need for Stability:** Leverkusen offered a clear project and a stable environment, where Xhaka felt valued.


### Impact on Arsenal and Leverkusen

Arsenal viewed Xhaka’s sale as part of a broader strategy to rebuild the squad with younger talents. For Leverkusen, Xhaka’s experience and leadership have been significant, bolstering their midfield and ambitions in both domestic and European competitions.


### Moving Forward

Xhaka’s revelations shed light on the complexities of his Arsenal exit, highlighting the intertwined personal and professional challenges athletes face. While reactions will vary, his story emphasizes the need for empathy in understanding such decisions. As he starts anew at Bayer Leverkusen, both he and Arsenal look to the future, learning from the past.

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