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“They’ve built a very crazy momentum and i think i just have to swallow my ego and give them the credit”- Pep Guardiola has sadly admitted Arsenal will end his Premier League dominance and win it this season as he states THREE reasons why Manchester City can’t match Arsenal

Pep Guardiola says, “I think I just have to swallow my pride and give them the credit” because he knows Arsenal will end his Premier League dominance and win it this season. He gives THREE reasons why Manchester City can’t compete with Arsenal. Gary Neville also thinks Arsenal is already a winner.

Since Manchester City lost on Saturday, Gary Neville thinks Arsenal will win the Premier League this season and is “encouraged” by their mistake.

This was Pep Guardiola’s second straight loss after Newcastle United knocked them out of the Carabao Cup. They lost 2-1 to Wolves.

After seven games, the Gunners are only one point behind City after beating AFC Bournemouth 4-0.

It was very close for Mikel Arteta’s team to win the Premier League for the first time since 2004 last year. They were on top of the table for 248 days, which is the longest time in the history of the English Premier League for a club that didn’t win the title.

In the end, City won, making it a rare triple. Guardiola’s team has now won five of the last six Premier League titles.

Neville says on his show, “I think Arsenal will win the league this year.”

“That feeling of having won the title would have been really hard on those City players and staff.”

“They might easily win the league this year. Even though it’s just one game, other teams have hope when things end that way.”

We know that City has lost games and won a lot of games in a row in the past, so we can’t completely rule them out. However, this will give Arsenal a lot of confidence.

When they played Newcastle, Pep Guardiola put together a serious team. But when they play Wolves, they give up a goal or two, fall behind in games, and look like normal people.

“It will be interesting.” This season, Arsenal has a great chance if they keep their players healthy.

When Arsenal played Bournemouth, I thought they did a good job. The North London game would have let them down. They have to deal with

“They’ll be sure that they’re back in the title race.” The gap won’t close to four or six points when you’re not sure if you’ll ever catch them.

You should keep following them until there are nine or ten games left.

You don’t just run away and win your first title like that, Arsenal. You have to crawl across the finish line.

They messed up and fell apart near the end of the season. They must not make the same mistake again. We’ll check back then to see if they’re grown up. I think they will.

“All I want is for them to stay calm and be a little meaner.” I can’t wait for the big tests that are coming up.

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