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While everyone was focused on Kyle Walker and a member of Arsenal’s coaching staff, Grealish and White nearly came to blows

During the fight in the tunnel that ensued after the final whistle, Arsenal supporters saw Ben White viciously mocking Jack Grealish.

As a result of Gabriel Martinelli’s deflected goal giving his team all three points at the Emirates on Sunday, Manchester City suffered their second straight league defeat.

As soon as the game’s referee blew for full-time, Kyle Walker and Nicolas Jover got into a heated argument.

Not to add Jack Grealish, a stand-in, Erling Haaland also got involved.

The England international engaged in conversation with some of the Arsenal players and staff despite not playing in the match.

White, however, seemed unfazed by his attempt to inflame Arsenal and laughed at the Man City star’s irate response. Examine it below:

Online Arsenal supporters praised the defender’s vicious troll of Grealish.

Nobody is enjoying the meltdown from Grealish, Walker, and co. more than Ben White, according to an X user. He’s laughing nonstop, and I adore it.

Another tweet said, “Ben White little laughs at Grealish… this guy.”

Just keep an eye on Ben White, said a third.

A fourth person chimed in, “Hahaha I love him, such a wind up.”

One more person said, “Ben White is such a mischievous fellow.”

Following their first Premier League victory over Man City since 2015, Mikel Arteta praised his team’s maturity and credited White for a fine defensive performance.

“A wonderful feeling. You could tell that it had been so long since they had been defeated. Without a doubt, I believe we defeated the finest side in the world today,” the Arsenal manager claimed.

“We did it in a great way because there were moments where we had to suffer and moments where we showed real desire, determination and belief to beat them, so I’m really happy.”

The team should keep believing in what they’re doing, he continued, because they are a terrific set of players.

“You need it to be there because of the way they try and the chemistry they have. I am thus quite proud.

“Today, the squad demonstrated real maturity that comes with experience. You sometimes need that to improve as a team.

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