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JUST IN Manchester City has announced shocking news to fans singing offensive songs about the Manchester United legend during their 2-1 win over Brighton on Saturday

Manchester City has made a strong commitment to issuing lifetime bans to fans who were heard singing offensive chants about Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton during their recent match against Brighton. The club has appealed to its supporters for any information about those responsible for the chants.

Sir Bobby Charlton, an England World Cup winner and iconic figure for Manchester United, passed away on Saturday at the age of 86 after battling dementia for several years. City, in a statement, expressed their deep disappointment and strong condemnation of the offensive chants, apologizing to Sir Bobby’s family, friends, and all those associated with Manchester United.

The statement emphasizes the importance of respect in the game and highlights the need for fans to understand and appreciate the significance of legends like Sir Bobby Charlton. It also praises the way legends are taken care of in English football, acknowledging the importance of their representation and contribution to the clubs they are associated with.

The sentiment conveyed by City’s statement is one of remorse for the loss of Sir Bobby Charlton and offers condolences to his family. It acknowledges his numerous achievements with Manchester United and recognizes that his impact goes beyond the titles he won, making him an enduring figure in the history of the club.

Overall, Manchester City is taking a firm stance against the offensive chants and is dedicated to identifying and taking action against those responsible, including issuing lifetime bans to ensure such behavior is not tolerated in the future.

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