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“Everyone is expecting a big game today against Manchester City, and that’s why I feel this is the right time to come out to the media to tell the world why Pochettino keeps on benching me”- Chelsea FLOP Marc Cucurella speaks out about why he lost his starting spot

Marc Cucurella has candidly acknowledged his initial struggles to meet expectations during his debut season at Chelsea after a high-profile £63 million transfer from Brighton.

The left-back faced criticism from fans and even had talks with Manchester United for a potential loan move that ultimately collapsed. Despite the uncertainties surrounding his future, Cucurella has rebounded in recent weeks with positive performances and a renewed focus on improvement.

Expressing dissatisfaction with his first season at Chelsea, Cucurella emphasized the learning opportunities derived from challenging moments.

The Spaniard acknowledged the need to manage the mental aspects of the game, especially during adversity. While he arrived at Chelsea with a track record of consistent and impressive performances, the adjustment proved challenging. However, Cucurella is determined to showcase his happiness at the club and apply the lessons learned from the previous season to the current one.

Transitioning from a natural left-back, Cucurella has demonstrated versatility by excelling in a right-back role, impressing manager Mauricio Pochettino.

This adaptability has become crucial in covering for injured players such as Reece James and Malo Gusto. Cucurella sees the ability to play multiple positions as an advantage, providing him with more opportunities and enhancing his overall contribution to the team.

Reflecting on his experience at right-back, Cucurella acknowledged the initial challenges of adapting to a new position.

However, he expressed confidence in his ability to improve with more minutes on the field, highlighting the importance of learning and adjusting to the nuances of playing on the opposite side. The Chelsea player’s positive mindset and mental well-being are viewed as key factors contributing to his improved performances and overall enjoyment of the game.

As Cucurella continues to evolve and embrace new challenges, he remains committed to making valuable contributions to Chelsea based on the lessons learned from his past struggles.

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