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‘I see greatness in him, even if Pochettino doesn’t know how to use him, and I would love to have him on my squad.’ Jose Mourinho, the manager of Roma, now wants to sign a £90 million Chelsea FLOP Player in January

Romelu Lukaku recently played two full, 90-minute matches without scoring: 4,444, an unremarkable statistic for most people; a real drought for Chelsea’s loaned players this season.

Lukaku ended this endless run of futility by scoring a 94th-minute winner against Lecce last weekend.

It was his sixth league goal (9 appearances) and ninth in all competitions (13 appearances).

It can be said that things are going quite well for the big man from the Italian capital, so much so that Roma seems to have made up their mind and wants to sign Lukaku to a permanent contract at the end of the season.

This is according to Sky Sports, who added that Roma “are believed to have negotiated an option worth around £30 million” to this effect, which had not been officially confirmed at the time of reporting.

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also in line with recent statements from Fabrizio Romano (of Chelsea who had a £37 million ‘separation agreement’ with Lukaku).



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