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Premier League Club has been Relegated from Top 4 of the premier League table this evening After breaching Financial Play Rules and the will be Banned if found more charges

Everton was penalised first, and now another terrible sentence! 😱. Man City and Chelsea face relegation from Premier League following Everton punishment.

Everton were docked ten points on Friday, and the precedent set will have Manchester City and Chelsea scared about their Premier League futures.

The Merseyside club received the Premier League’s harshest punishment for breaking financial fair play regulations, and the deduction drops the Toffees to 19th in the table with just four points.

Everton will appeal, but the ruling will worry Manchester City and Chelsea about their continuing financial investigations.

The Premier League champions are being investigated for 115 potential breaches of the Premier League’s financial rules, while Chelsea may be investigated for alleged payments related to previous owner Roman Abramovich.

Following the verdict on Everton, Stefan Borson, a City lawyer, tweeted: “Without seeing the judgement/award -10 points for Everton feels harsh for a straightforward FFP [Financial Fair Play] breach to me.”

“But reinforces that sanctions against City [if proven] and now Chelsea [if charged and admitted on the off-books payments] will be potentially relegation inducing.”

Everton’s punishment appears to be severe, and it appears that the Premier League sought to set a precedent by using the Toffees as an example. This will scare both Manchester City and Chelsea because their offences are much more serious, and as Borson points out, it might lead to the two English heavyweights being relegated.

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