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VERY SAD Manchester City news has been announced this morning by FIFA president under PGMOL on post-match bust-up with referee Hooper

Manchester City have been accused with failing to control their players in the aftermath of a contentious refereeing decision by Simon Hooper in Sunday’s 1-1 draw with Tottenham.

Despite having the edge, the official whistled for a foul as Jack Grealish was through on goal. This elicited a furious reaction from Erling Haaland, who stormed down the tunnel at full speed before reacting with an expletive on social media.

The Football Association has now charged City for failing to manage their players’ reactions, but will not punish Haaland individually. Meanwhile, PGMOL has decided if Simon Hooper would referee again this week.

Haaland is not punished by the FA, but City is.
Haaland will not face punishment for his social media post that appeared to attack officials following City’s contentious draw with Tottenham, but the Blues will face a separate charge of failing to regulate their players.

City were beaten to a 3-3 draw at the Etihad, but the game was overshadowed by referee Simon Hooper’s late decision to call a foul on a 94th-minute counter attack, despite Jack Grealish being passed in clean on goal.

After Haaland was fouled, Hooper first signalled to play on, but the striker pulled himself up to set up Grealish for what could have been a City winner. When Hooper then stopped play, Haaland became enraged, and the entire City squad gathered the referee to dispute the decision.

The PGMOL has made a decision regarding referee Hooper.
After this week’s referee nominations were determined, referee Simon Hooper will face no punishment for his late blunder in Manchester City’s tie with Tottenham.

When Erling Haaland was fouled, Hooper initially called play on, only to draw play back for a free kick after Haaland had gotten up and put Jack Grealish clean through on goal.

Guardiola, City’s manager, refused to condemn Hooper after the game, maintaining that the official’s judgement was not the cause of the result, but he did indicate that the official will be disappointed with his decision in retrospect.

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