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‘I tried everything I could to persuade him to join PSG, but it appears His mind is made up already’: Kylian Mpappe confirmed His £120 million International Teammate has turned down the PSG offer to join CHELSEA in January

45 million euros French player is ideal for Chelsea, but there is a big transfer obstacle –
The custodian Mike Maignan of AC Milan is still rumoured to be interested in Chelsea.

He is without a doubt among the greatest players in the world in his position and, if at all possible, a significant improvement over Robert Sanchez.

But let’s face it, we already have financial difficulties related to fair play, and signing Maignan would cost a significant sum of money. Stefano Pioli is 28 years old and at the top of his game. However, after winning Serie A, it appears that his project is beginning to fall apart.

Maignan’s contract situation gives us leverage in this case. He only has till 2026 left on it, so Milan will need to start considering bids seriously this summer.

We wouldn’t be surprised if FootMercato were to report that Chelsea is one of the teams that will be pursuing the Frenchman the hardest by then. We might be in a better financial situation by the summer, and the €45 million rating keeper might just be within reach, depending on our January activity.

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