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Chelsea Summer Signee Moises Caicedo names Kante and Manchester United flop as two of his idols in football

Moises Caicedo talked candidly about the football players who influenced him early in his career.

He disclosed that among the players he admired was the legendary N’Golo Kante of Chelsea.

It’s interesting to note that the other player he mentioned, Paul Pogba, was among the Premier League’s worst busts in recent years.

“N’Golo Kante and Paul Pogba were my idols in football,” he stated. “Watching them was so much fun.

“I used to play with my brother’s mates in my area. They were more experienced, so I learned a lot from them, which made it incredible.

The encounter with N’Golo Kante was incredible. I was sitting on the bench in Brighton. It was, I believe, 1-1. I raced directly to Kante to trade shirts after the game. “Yes, of course,” he replied.

“He treated me really nicely. I got to meet my idol, therefore it was an amazing time for me.

Paul Pogba and I exchanged clothes in a similar manner. The shirts are back in Ecuador with me. The shirts cannot be removed by anyone. I cherish them so much.”

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