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“We didn’t want to take a risk” – Pochettino explains why he left fans frustrated after Christopher Nkunku was not played in Chelsea’s Victory today

Mauricio Pochettino was able to deliver a reasonably positive flash interview following today’s game. BeinSports questioned him about why he had benched Christopher Nkunku, the player everyone was hoping to see.

By clicking this link, you may watch the Chelsea coach talk in the video. In his own words, he “didn’t want to take a risk” by starting the attacking midfielder who had just returned from a serious injury. There are still many games left, and because we were winning, there was no way we were going to risk him.

At least we knew at halftime that it would never happen. Since there were so few other choices and Nkunku was the only player on the Chelsea bench who didn’t warm up at all, it was obvious that he had been benched more to boost morale.

As he acknowledged, Pochettino was never going to take a gamble on him, and our prospects of seeing him vanished the once we took the lead.

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